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Electronic Meters


The key words for Kamstrup's meter range are precision, quality, flexibility and long life.

Therefore, all our energy meters are fully electronic, long-term stable and designed for simple and secure data reading – both manual, automatic and fully automatic.


The accumulated energy consumption is shown on the display. Other legal billing data stored in the meter are shown by pressing the key on the front panel.
If the meter is equipped with a communication module, data can freely be transferred for billing, operation optimization or analysis.


Retrofitting of existing meters with a communication module is easy. Subsequent reverification of the meter is not necessary.


Kamstrup meters are MID-approved.


As per 31.10.2006 all new types of measuring instruments, including water, gas, electricity and heat meters, must be approved according to the new EU-directive, MID. 
The European Parliament is behind the directive and a total of 31 countries have chosen to back up the regulations of the directive.


Kamstrup’s MID-approved meters will always be marked in accordance with the rules for approval and furthermore all consignments of MID-approved meters will carry a declaration of compliance.


The MID-certificates are issued by Force Certification.





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