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”There’s always a better solution”

With these words the founder Olaf Kamstrup until his death in 1989 constantly urged his people to improve and deliver an even better product.

Today the words have become emblematic for the Kamstrup research and development team who are pioneers in smart metering technologies.


Olaf Kamstrup

The founding father

Olaf Kamstrup started out in 1946 as a self-employed technician in a small workshop in Aarhus, Denmark, where he manufactured measuring instruments and process equipment for the industry.

Olaf Kamstrup was driven by a tireless will to fulfil the needs and wishes of his customers. This resulted in a number of products with very limited editions on which he and his staff kept developing out of pure enthusiasm. Loyal and satisfied customers is the long lasting result of his focus on high quality products and first-class service.


The introduction of the heat meter in 1959 laid the ground for today’s success.

The Kamstrup Company grew rapidly and has ever since developed its heat meter production in accordance with the development and expansion of district heating in Denmark and worldwide. A close cooperation with the district heating utilities secures a valuable feed back for improvements and innovations.


Olaf Kamstrup took pride in a fast delivery and in delivering everything as required, but by himself he knew that there would be a still better solution. So he kept improving his inventions.


At the Kamstrup Company today we honour the spirit of our founder by not only delivering metering solutions as requested, but also by still striving to make better solutions for the benefit of our customers.


The ultrasonic heat meter

In 1991 the ultrasonic heat meter made its entrance into the product line which meant a technological quantum leap to the heat meter business.
The ultrasonic measuring principle guarantees long life and measuring stability due to the static flow part without movable parts.

Since then we have started manufacturing cooling meters and water meters based on the same ultrasonic measuring principle. Today Kamstrup is the world’s largest manufacturer of ultrasonic heat meters with more than 2.5 million heat meters installed worldwide.


Electricity meters

In 1998 we launched the production of electricity meters and meter reading systems. The Kamstrup electricity meter series comprises the total range from residential to industrial meters containing state of art smart metering features.

We have specialized in smart metering systems based on wireless technologies. Wireless meter reading has proven to be the more flexible and reliable meter reading solution. Sweden was among the first countries to carry out nationwide smart metering. A number of Swedish utilities opted for the Kamstrup smart meters and smart metering systems, so that today more than 1 million smart meters from Kamstrup are installed in Swedish homes.


In the year 2000 we sold off the original business area of process equipment, and since then we have focused exclusively on solutions for energy and water metering.



As one of very few companies in the metering business Kamstrup actually offers total multi-utility solutions based on a broad product range. The broad offer of hardware, software and services enable us to fulfil all needs regarding metering of water and energy. The full product range includes meters for water, electricity, heat and cooling energy, meter data management systems, advanced two-way communication infrastructure, hosting, operation, online-service and support.


Experience based on six decades in the metering business has made Kamstrup a knowledge centre in metering solutions.

  • Kamstrup takes an active part in developing standards for the future Smart Grid by active participation in business associations and work groups.
  • Kamstrup has accreditation to test flow meters for pattern approval and for reverification.

Made in Denmark

Kamstrup started out in Aarhus, Denmark, and is still today a 100% Danish company. Production, administration and development are situated in Skanderborg near Aarhus where approximately 600 people are employed at the group headquarter. The production is fully automated, and all departments apply a zero defect-policy.


We believe in local representation in order to maintain a close cooperation with our customers and partners. We are represented by local sales offices and distributors in all parts of the world.

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